What is the Benefit of SEO?

Every business person knows that for online marketing to work, they must optimize their content for search optimization engine (SEO).

But why is that? How does SEO benefit your business?

If you’ve been at a crossroads as to whether your business needs SEO or not, this post will help you decide.

Here are the benefits of SEO for every business.

1. SEO Improves user experience(UX)

There are multiple ways through which you can improve your website and make the user experience better.

This includes publishing helpful content, adding relevant photos and videos, and ensuring your website is easy to navigate. It makes your website user-friendly, which leads to more clicks, more traffic, more leads, and ultimately higher conversion rates.

All these factors significantly boost your ranking, since it’s what search engines are looking for.

2. SEO builds trust with customers

The long term goal of effective SEO is to build a great website with a good user experience, which people can notice. Many factors go into creating credibility with search engines such as Google. Some of them include:

  • Positive visitor experience
  • Quality signals
  • Optimized content and on-page elements

This can take a little time, but when it happens, it will do more than any other digital optimizations can do for your brand.

Authority is earned through good SEO practices.

Although how fast you establish your authority depends on effort, commitment, and patience, it also has something to do with the quality of services you’re dishing to your clients. Always give them more bang than their buck!

3. SEO drives quality traffic to your website

A business doesn’t thrive in huge traffic. It grows because of the right traffic. Unlike traditional advertising digital methods such as TV adverts where you hope your target customer is watching, with SEO, you’re sure they’ll find you in the search results.

The best thing with web visitors is they’re likely to convert into customers because they’re actively looking for you.

4. SEO boosts your brand’s engagement level

When your website is optimized, you get the right web visitors. Since they are interested in what you’re offering, you can expect a lot of exchange between your web visitors and your brand.

It helps in understanding their needs and knowing how to improve your products to meet their needs.

You may even learn of other potential opportunities in your industry.

This is how you gain loyal customers who refer you to their friends and relatives.

5. SEO is pocket-friendly

Although there are a few costs you have to pay like the fee of your SEO expert, search engine optimization is relatively cheaper than outbound methods.

When your website is well-optimized and is ranking in search engines, you’ll not need to pay for other digital marketing methods or pay per click. The only requirement is to continue putting out great content.

Activities of inbound marketing include social media marketing, blogging, and referrals, which comes at little or no cost.

On the other hand, outbound marketing involves direct selling, visiting clients, and cold calls. This can be a little expensive and time-consuming.

6. SEO drives people to your local shop

SEO is not only for businesses that sell online, but it’s also beneficial to mortar business owners.

According to studies [1], 81% of buyers search products online before proceeding to a shop.

For example, if a potential client is looking for “Best Insurance Company in Los Angeles,” they will get multiple options. You want to be among the top 3 if you’re an insurance company because they’ll likely to buy from a company that ranks higher. As we mentioned earlier (refer to the second point), SEO aims to build trust and credibility for your brand.

7. SEO is a long term game

Even though it takes a little time to get to the top of the game, you’ll reap the benefits of good SEO for years.

There will be new SEO trends that will come up with time, or other people will publish better content than you. But you can always revisit your previous articles and tweak them a little to compete favorably with the new competition.

This is only possible if you’re using white hat methods. If you’re building your brand on black hat methods, Google will penalize you once they find out. This means losing your ranking and a big chunk of your traffic.

8. SEO ensures your website speed is great

Online searchers have little to no patience. If your website loads for more than two seconds before opening, you’re likely to lose 4.3% [2] of your potential leads.

Google is currently using the website site as a ranking factor.

9. SEO results are quantifiable

SEO can be measured. You can measure your conversion rate, and where they’re coming from. You can also track the organic ranking and traffic.

With the right SEO Company or tools, you can determine which keywords are valuable to your business and optimize and capitalize on them for better results.

10. SEO is more effective than PPC

Many people assume that a paid advertisement is more effective than SEO.

Statistics say otherwise. Research [3] shows that only 3% of the searches go to PPC.

Searchers trust the Google Algorithms, so ranking for organic traffic is a plus.

Final words 

Many business people think SEO is a side thing. However, SEO is a crucial part of your business. Every firm is shifting to the digital world, and there is a little place for business with no SEO optimized websites.

The only way to beat your competition is by ensuring you have your share of the pie in the market.

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