About Us

O2Oplatform is a cloud-based SAAS solution for Online-to-Offline (O2O) marketing campaigns, with rich media and gamification features.

Now, SMBs, retailers & agencies are able to easily build interactive campaigns to drive foot traffic to their physical stores.

The highly viral and engaging promotions are boosted by coupons, giveaways, samples or vouchers that can be shared easily on social media.

At the same time, in-store demographic data is collected during redemption of freebies and this gives birth to detailed analytics and attributions reporting.

O2OPlatform was created by Mobile 360 Sdn Bhd (M360), a company based out of Malaysia.

The company is founded by Alvin Koay & Koji Ito in 2011. After some starts and stops in technology development, M360 rolled out the hugely successful MobileAds, a rich media server and ad creator, used by agencies and brands all around the world. Current M360 clients include Unilever, Disney, P&G, Shiseido, Mercedes and many others.

In 2014, M360 picked up the overall prize in The Guardian’s Activate Summit Tech Day for MobileAds and also the top prize in the Business StartUp Category amongst all presenters. Panel judges included senior PWC staffs, representatives from UNDP and other global technology leaders.

In 2018, M360 collaborated with major partners in Japan to develop a ‘mobile-to-retail’ solution. O2OPlatform was formed.

O2OPlatform is today being actively used in Japan by FamilyMart (17,000 stores) and another large-scale C-store network (20,000 stores) and is rapidly gaining traction across the world.

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